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A06-GP Cable & Connector

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General Purpose Cable & Connector Assembly
  • Cable Connection - 2 General Purpose Thomas & Betts Star Tech Extreme Cable Fittings
  • 7-Strand Concentric, Class B Tinned Copper, 0.020" PVC Insulation, Foil Shield, Color & Number Coded, Drain and Mylar Separator, PVC Inner Jacket, Aluminum Interlock Armor, PVC Outer Jacket
  • Voltage Rated to 300 Volts
  • Temperature Rated to -40°C to +105°C
The above description encapsulates the entire product series. Specifications for individual configurations may vary depending on the selection chosen.

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In Stock $304.00 USD


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Operating Temperature

  • -40° to 90° C (-40° to 194° F); insulation rated at 105° C (221° F)

Operating Voltages

  • Rating: 300 Volts

Materials of Construction

  • 7-Strand concentric, Class B tinned Copper, .020" PVC insulation, individual and over all foil shield, color and number coded, drain & Mylar separator, PVC inner jacket Aluminum interlock armour, PVC out jacket.

Standard Features

  • Instrumentation Cable comes with Two general purpose Thomas and Betts Star Tech Extreme Cable fitting.