Flow, Level, Interface Switches & Transmitters

  • Rugged Thermal Sensors
  • Modbus Communication
  • Universal Power Input
  • Fast Worldwide Delivery
Advanced Design & Diagnostics
  • Continuous self-test diagnostics on electronics & sensor elements
  • Automatically adjusts power consumption to conserve energy & improve response times
Digital Communication, Discrete & Analog
  • Modbus RTU Communication via RS-485
  • 4-20 mA output represents percentage of flow/thermal change (non-linear)
  • Two independent setpoints via SPDT sealed relay contacts rated @ 4 amps
Adjustments via Keypad
  • Relay Set Points & Heater Sensitivity
  • Bypass Timer and Time Delay/Deadbands on relays
  • Failsafe Configurable, Trouble Alarm via second relay
Universal Power Input
  • AC or DC power input capability provides flexibility
Easy Configuration
  • Push button front keypad – no tools or jumpers
Fast Delivery
  • Short lead-times & fast world-wide delivery

Superior Leak Detection

  • Pipeline Pump Seal Leak Detection
  • Monitor the liquid level in the drain pipe while monitoring the flow rate
  • Set both an alarm point and a shut-down point

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