Change Policy

Changes to an Order

All changes must occur before the order is processed by the Kayden Shipping Department or Kayden's supplier's facility in instances of direct shipment.

Customer shall be responsible for all related work in progress; however, Kayden shall take responsible steps to mitigate costs immediately upon receipt of a written change notice.

Changes to orders shall not be binding upon nor be put into effect by Kayden unless confirmed in writing by Kaydens' appropriate representative. All changes affecting the equipment configuration or otherwise affecting the scope of the order are to be documented in writing for approval and authorization to incorporate such changes into the order. All changes authorized by Customer are binding only if accepted by Kayden, and may result in price, delivery, cancellation and/or condition changes. Pricing of changes shall be based on the then current prices.

Where Purchase Orders are issued for Products or Services, Order Changes require Purchase Order modifications or a letter from the buyer stating that the changes and related price changes are in process of being modified on the original Purchase Order. This ensures that your Company’s Accounts Payable Department is aware of these changes and should not hold up payments. Kayden appreciates your assistance by including these items on your Purchase Orders.

If an extension of delivery is required beyond the original schedule, escalation shall be as agreed.

Letter(s) of credit, if applicable, shall be extended and the values enhanced as necessary to reflect changes in price and payment arrangements.

Change fees may apply to:

  • Where special equipment or services are involved
  • Volume Orders comprised of Standard Products
  • Custom, Non-Cancellable, Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable Products
  • Special Charges


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