Industries We Serve


Products suited to your varied processes, check out the many products we stock that are ideally suited to the demands of your myriad demanding & unique applications.


Supplying process control products for mobile onshore and offshore drilling units & drillships, each requiring rugged, corrosion resistant instruments to stand up to the harsh environments.


Helping tomorrow’s professional learn technology today, we’re here to assist your institution with products for the classroom and the lab.


Energy and utility companies continue to face market pressures & fuel price volatility, we can assist with the right product at prices that help control your operating costs.

Food & Beverage

We can help improve your operation, from critical production processes to waste treatment system components.


When the application calls for just the perfect product at the right time you'll be sure to find what you're looking for here, no matter what industry you serve.


Keeping your production line running is of utmost importance, we stock the products you need for your pressure, temperature, flow & level applications.

Pulp & Paper

We have the products that help you control your many processes, be they steam production, rinsing, treating or separating to name a few.

Water & Wastewater

For monitoring and control of your mission-critical systems, we have the products to protect your time, processes and your bottom line.


From mining through to mineral processing, we have the products that help keep your operations running smoothly, in materials for the environments you operate in.

Oil & Gas

From the wellhead to the refinery, we have a wide range of products tailor-made for your demanding applications.


Understanding the sensitive nature of constantly moving your commodities, we provide the instruments to help protect both your assets and the environment.


Trucks, trains, conveyers all need our products to keep them operating safely and efficiently. We help keep you moving.

and more...

Knowing that process control affects all our lives, there is hardly a place where our products aren't used, check out our many product offerings and get the ones that your process requires.