How to Quote

Creating a Quote Online

Our online store gives you the ability to create your own official Kayden quote. Follow these easy steps to get started on your very own quote:

  1. Browse or search for the product you would like to include in the quote. 
  2. Click the "Q" button located by the "Add to Cart" buttons located in various places on the product page.
  3. Choose an existing quote or specify the name of a new quote and click "Save"
  4. Browse or search for any additional products you would like to include in the quote and add them to your quote. 
  5. After you are done adding items to your quote, navigate to the quotes page (under the account drop down on the masthead).
  6. Review your quote, include any add-ons as necessary.
  7. Click "Activate" and now your quote has been created and registered in our system
  8. Click "Download PDF" to generate the quote document for your records

Once completed, your quote is valid for 30 days since the last time it has been activated. If your quote is revised, it will reset the time it is valid for.

Requesting a Quote

You can contact our expert sales staff to provide you a custom quote by calling 1 403 253-1423 in North America or 001 403 253 1423 Internationally.