Section 7 Troubleshooting

LED Fault Indicator

The CLASSIC 800 is designed so that any error condition will be immediately detected and displayed as a FAULT condition on the Display Panel.

  • The diagnostic circuit continuously monitors the operation of the heater, sensor elements, connecting pathways and all the aspects of the Electronics Module.
  • To prevent any possibility of an intermittent FAULT the FAULT Code remains until the problem is corrected.
  • When in FAULT MODE both relays will de-energize and remain de-energized.
  • The 4-20 mA output can be programmed to revert to a value of either 3.0 mA or 21 mA to indicate FAULT mode. For more information see Section 3 “Setup & Operation, View or Adjust the 4-20 mA Fault Mode Configuration”.
  • All FAULT Codes are automatically recorded in the EVENT LOG. The EVENT LOG may be viewed by in the Kayden RCM Software.

In the event a FAULT occurs, the Display Panel will display a FAULT LED. If the unit enters FAULT MODE one of the following will be displayed:

Fault Condition
0 (far left) LED & 1, 2 or 3 of 40 - 75% (center) LEDs

ON (not flashing)


Self-Test Error

This condition may be caused by an error in the Electronics Module, internal connections, external wiring or the sensor itself.

Display Panel

Various combinations of LEDs as per below:

classic fault self test B-blue


Disconnect the Electronics Module and test the sensor wiring (see Figure 24).

If the wiring resistance values are correct, the FAULT may be in the Electronics Module. The Electronics Module should be returned to the factory for testing and repair.

If the wiring resistance values are incorrect the sensor should be returned for testing and repair.

Note: *In FAULT Mode the CLASSIC 800 display cycles between:

  1. Fault indication as described above
  2. Firmware Revision and Node Address (Unit #).


How to Reset the CLASSIC Factory Settings

To reset the CLASSIC to factory default settings press the following 3 buttons:

  • LEFT ARROW - RIGHT ARROW - RUN simultaneously until all LED’s flash.
  • A successful reset will be indicated by five consecutives flashes of all LEDs followed by a pause and two more flash.
  • Warning All configuration changes will be lost and the unit set back to the factory defaults
  • Should not be performed without consulting Kayden Technical Support
Resistance Values for Sensor Wiring
Wire Colour Ohms
Red to Red 50
Blue to Blue 0
Black to Black 0
Blue to Yellow 1100
Black to White 1100
Red to any other lead Infinite
Blue to Black Infinite
Figure 25 - Display Panel Indicators
  1. Run Mode: Flashing LED indicates normal operation.
  2. Relay 1, Relay 2: Solid LED indicates energized relay contact.
  3. Set Point 1, Set Point 2: Active only during configuration.
  4. Bypass: Indicates that the Start-up Bypass Timer feature is currently enabled.
  5. Fault: Indicates that the switch/transmitter is in Fault or Fault Recovery Mode.
  6. Thermal Signal Bar Graph: Displays the Thermal Signal (rate of Thermal Dispersion) which represents the process condition (Flow, Level) as determined by the setup.
  7. RUN: In RUN Mode pushing the RUN button changes the display from process condition to the Node Address and the Firmware revision. In Setup Mode pushing the RUN button returns the switch/transmitter to RUN Mode.
  8. SET: Places the unit in Setup Mode.
  9. Left Arrow: In Setup Mode the Left Arrow reduces (moves the value to the left or towards 0). In RUN Mode pushing the Left Arrow button will change the display from (programmed range) Scaled View to Baseline View.
  10. 1, 2: Will display Set Point 1 or Set Point 2 accordingly as programmed.


Return of Material

To expedite the return process, call Kayden +1-403-253-1423 You will be asked for product model and serial numbers, and be provided an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number.

Hazardous Materials

Kayden does not accept the return of Products that are contaminated with any hazardous material. It is solely the Customers responsibility to ensure any and all items returned to Kayden have been thoroughly and completely decontaminated.

Service, Technical Support & Contact Information

Kayden provides full in-house technical support 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST (Mountain Standard Time), Monday through Friday (except holidays).


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